Targeted Screening Libraries

Our goals are simple – to provide the highest quality analytical products and tools at the most competitive prices. Our commitment to our clients means that we are global leaders in the supply of products and services for analytical research.

Our focused compound libraries comprise collections of compounds with in silico predicted affinity to a target protein or predicted biological activity. In order to design focused

libraries ArZa Biosciences applies different computational methods used in structure-based drug design. More than 300 target-focused libraries are now available.

Approach Used

Our proprietary method for receptor-based virtual screening of compounds includes powerful combination of drug-likeness filtering, molecular docking, re-scoring, key intermolecular hydrogen bond detection and, finally, visual inspection of ligand receptor complexes. The approach used to design ligand-based focused libraries exploits the SAR analysis. It compares structures of new compounds with structures of well-known biologically active substances (“training set”). The training set we use consists of about 200,000 of biologically active compounds.

Variety of the Libraries

ArZa’s approach to designing these libraries is to focus our attention on the targets from different protein families: epigenetic targets, PPI, GPCR's, protein kinases, ion channels, proteases and others. Our company also offers focused libraries of compounds with certain biological activity: anticancer, antiviral, analgesic, antibacterial etc. All compounds are for prompt delivery. For further information on these types of libraries please contact us.




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