Custom synthesis

In addition to an inventory of over 8000 isotopically labelled compounds, ArZa Bioscience Ltd also offer a comprehensive Custom Synthesis Service. Our chemists have over 2 decades of experience in completing numerous multi-step synthesis for pharmaceutical, agricultural, academic, government and environmental laboratories worldwide. Each request for custom synthesis is researched by one of our experienced chemists and confidentiality agreements implemented where necessary. The chemists research the requested labelling as well as alternative labelling that fits the customers specification and application. Upon completion, each compound is delivered with a comprehensive analytical data package to support the compounds chemical purity. Our extensive inventory of basic starting materials, technical resources and expertise give them a great advantage in performing custom synthesis.

Please contact us with your custom synthesis requirements.

Our goals are simple – to provide the highest quality analytical products and tools at the most competitive prices. Our commitment to our clients means that we are global leaders in the supply of products and services for analytical research.

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