ArZa Bioscience Ltd offers one of the most complete listings of metabolic substrates currently available on the market. Some of the many applications of these materials include the utilisation of amino acids for protein / amino acid turnover studies, carbohydrates for glucose metabolism studies, and fatty acids for lipolysis research. Isotope labelling of these materials allows investigators to study metabolic pathways in living systems in a manner that is safe and non-invasive.

We also offer MPT (Microbiological / Pyrogen Tested) products for use in metabolic investigations. These materials are tested for microbial and pyrogen content and have been tested to ensure high chemical purity and isotopic enrichment.

13C Labelled Steroids & Hormones

Amino Acids & Mixes


Deutorated or Unlabelled Steroids

Fatty Acids & Lipids

Mass Spectrometer Standards

Metabolic Tracers


Our goals are simple – to provide the highest quality analytical products and tools at the most competitive prices. Our commitment to our clients means that we are global leaders in the supply of products and services for analytical research.

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